How can Prestige keep your workplace safe in light of COVID-19?

We understand that Covid-19 has had an impact on all businesses. Our aim is to provide a  quality clean that meets your business needs and ensures that you, your staff and your  customers have peace of mind that they are in a safe environment.

We are continuing to service our customers and are following the government’s ​Working Safely guidelines​.

Which service would help my business best?

Frequent cleans

If your workplace is currently open to the public or your staff, we highly recommend getting your premises cleaned regularly. To provide peace of mind to customers and staff.

One off deep cleans

If your premises are open or due to be reopened to the public or your staff and you want to take extra measures to ensure your workplace is cleaned this is a great starting point.

Deep cleaning & Fogging

Following an outbreak of Covid-19, we highly recommend this service. Or if you are due to reopen your workplace and want to ensure it is safe for staff to return.

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